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Hi there, I’m Dave, a software guy. University of Illinois class of 2003, finished my PhD thesis at Penn State in 2009. I live in Durham, North Carolina. Husband, father, geek.

I’m a long-time programmer - I began programming when I was 8 writing text adventures in GWBASIC on my school’s computer. In junior high I wrote text adventure games in QBASIC. In high school I wrote some RPG frameworks in Visual Basic (just the framework, I never finished any games). In college I wrote MUSHcode for PennMUSH including the guts of an extremely involved space system (in true MUSH fashion, I’m pretty sure it never had any users). In grad school I got pretty burned out and wrote a chess engine (that crashed a bunch). Nowadays I work from home for Atlassian.

I’m a new father, so my current main focus is absorbing liquids into my clothes. When I have some time I try to learn number theory, futz with cryptopals, and hack on a new chess engine. I’m a Dinosaur Jr. superfan.

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